Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Easter Weekend!


Mr. Mustard is not working tonight or tomorrow night, so we have two whole days together. Yea! Since he'll be working Saturday and Sunday, we are celebrating Easter today and tomorrow.


Paprika opened her Easter Basket this morning. We took a lot of pictures and video, but I haven't had the time to go through all the pictures yet. I'll probably upload them this weekend when I have some time to go through them. Right now we are focused on spending time together while Mr. Mustard is home.


We have been hanging out at home today and doing crafts with Paprika. We made a quick trip out to Michael's to buy craft supplies and then we went out to lunch. The weather is cold and looks like rain- a far cry from yesterday.


Mr. Mustard is working on a foam contstruction castle with Paprika right now. It's for ages 6+, but Paprika had to have it when we were at the craft store. Mr. Mustard is being super patient...and I am enjoying the break!


While we were at the craft store, we bought a few folios store all of Paprika's artwork. Her artwork was kind of taking over our house! Now we have a space to keep all of her paintings and drawings- she's already filled one entire folio!


We had a great lunch out. Just the usual, but we like it! Here are some pics from our lunch out on the town together!


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