Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Years, 7 Months


Since this blog is still Paprika's baby book, I thought it best to update on what she's doing now at 2 years, 7 months old!

Paprika is now much more a little girl than a baby. She talks like a four year old and she's as tall as a four year old, so a lot of people think she's four years old. But she's not. She's 2 years, 7 months! And that's a big difference!


Paprika's command of language is very nuanced and advanced. She remembers everything, and she will correct herself if she says something not quite right. She knows the names and types of all the dinosaurs: triceratops, velociraptor, T-Rex, etc. She loves trains and can build her own train tracks.

She is also the most girly-girl girl I have ever met! She has to pick out what she's going to wear each day, and it is always "a pretty dress." She is very particular about what she wears! But, she doesn't mind getting dirty, and she loves playing in the sand and dirt- and she loves bugs, snakes, and all animals (including mice)!


Paprika loves to sing, but she doesn't want anyone else to sing. Since she was a newborn, she has preferred vocalists to instrumental music. I would put on classical music for her in the car when she was a newborn and she would cry, but when I changed the song to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, she'd be calmed. She loves the sound of the human voice in song-- but only so long as it's not mommy or daddy singing! Can you blame her?! ;-)

Paprika makes up her own songs, and she remembers them. I will hear her singing and think, "What song is that?" and it turns out it is one of her songs.


She also remembers people and places from over a year ago. For example, she had one friend who moved away a year ago, and she talks about her all the time even though it's been a year since she's seen this friend (or I've talked about her). I wonder how far back she remembers, and if she will always remember in this way. For this reason, I am super careful about what I expose her to, because she picks up everything...and remembers it for a long, long time.


Paprika likes to do things herself, and doesn't like to be taught anything. She wants to figure out things on her own and learn from experience. With books, for example, she doesn't want to be read to by mom or dad. She would rather open the book and make up her own story and read it to us. That's fine- I like hearing her tell me stories, and could sit all night listening to what she comes up with!



Paprika has no fear! She loves to climb and explore. If there's a way to get to the top of something, she'll figure it out! That's a big reason why she's still sleeping in a crib. I am not ready for her to have full-reign of the house at night. She is able to un-babyproof door knobs, turn on faucets, climb on countertops...the list is endless! She is very happy and comfortable sleeping in her crib- it's her special space, and she loves it- so I am not ready to change that!



Our other big "milestone" we should be approaching is potty training. I feel like I've been attempting it for the past year! Paprika, as I said before, is very stubborn, and only wants to do something if it's her idea. I haven't been pushing potty training too much because, let's face it, it's exhausting, and I really don't mind changing diapers.

I know that once I figure out how to get her to want to go, things will get easier. I have tried using incentives like candy, special underwear, even trips to Disneyland- but none of it has worked! Last night I told her that if she went on the potty I'd get her a princess dress, and she got really excited about that. I also told her that if she kept going on the potty she'd get princess tutus (I have some hidden in the closet)- and then she got super excited and started talking all about the "special presents" she'd get for that's a start.


2 Years 7 months is close to 3 years, and that's hard for me! She will always, always be my baby...and I love watching her grow up, but it's hard to let go. Each step of the way she is asserting her independence and growing, and needing me less- and that's a good thing, but gosh how I just want to hold her and never let her go!


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