Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making The Best Of It


Today Paprika and I tried to go to the Botanical Gardens. She was so excited about going to the Children's Garden part of the park. We talked about it all morning, and she was jumping up and down with excitement. We drove over there, got to the door, and they were closed! To say Paprika was disappointed is an understatement. She was furious!


So, we decided to go to the Zoo instead. We got there and it was packed with people. I then realized that all of the LA public schools are on Spring Break this week. We parked in the very back of the parking lot and as soon as we got to the door, I realized that Mr. Mustard has our membership card in his wallet, so we couldn't just show our membership card to get in the door.


We got in the line and waited to get a pass. There were a lot of people waiting in line, and it was hot! We waited, and waited and waited. Finally, we got a pass and as we walked through the front door, a bird pooped on me.

Then, we went over to see the goats. But, the goats were on break. So, we waited 1/2 hour for the goats to open back up. Paprika was so excited!


We got inside the goat pen, and after 5 minutes, someone blew a whistle and said, "Time for the next group!" Apparently, on busy days, you only get 5 mintues to pet the goats. I hid Paprika in a corner and let her stay til the next group came in. But, then 5 minutes later, the whistle blew again, and we got kicked out of the goat pen. The manager actually came over to me and said, "We're waiting for you to leave to let the next group in." So, I picked Paprika up, and she was hurling herself towards the goats, screaming, "I want to pet the goats! All I want is to pet the goats!"


Paprika was upset. Really upset. And it was about 95 degrees. And in a city of 20 million people, I'm guessing 10 million of them were at the Zoo today. Okay, maybe not 10 million...but it sure felt like it.


Then Paprika said she wanted to get a hamburger, so we waited in line for a hamburger. Once we finally got through the line and sat down in the crowded, hot cafeteria, Paprika said she didn't want the hamburger anymore.


Then Paprika ran into some bushes, fell on a cactus, and got nettles on her hands. Then we came home! I tried, really tried today...and yet it felt like one big FAIL!

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