Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heat Wave!


It has been SO HOT these past few days! Today I didn't quite know what to do. Mr. Mustard was working all day. It was about 100 degrees outside (okay, maybe 95). I couldn't take Paprika to a park when it was that hot...for her sake or mine! So, I improvised.


This morning we went to Target and bought their last water play table they had on the shelves. Before someone else could snatch it up, I threw it in my cart!


I also got Paprika a new baby pool. There is nothing wrong with her old baby pool. It's just that it more resembles an inflatable hot tub than a baby pool, and with our limited space, I thought a smaller one would give her more room. Plus, it was only $4.99 and I couldn't turn down a deal like that! We can always bring out the huge pool later if we want to do some "real" swimming! ;-)


We got home and set up the water table and the pool (thankfully the pump I bought last year was compatible with this pool, too). Paprika had a great time and we spent most of the day playing with the table and splashing in the water.


I brought out some drinks for both of us and an ice cream sandwich for myself, but when Paprika saw the ice cream sandwich, she wanted one of her own! So, what can I say...I obliged. If you can't have an ice cream sandwich on a 95 degree day, when can you have one?


I'd say she enjoyed it a lot!!!


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