Friday, April 10, 2009

Park Day and Date Night!


Yesterday, we took Paprika to the park. It was a pretty perfect day for it, and best of all, Mr. Mustard was home so we all got to enjoy it together!


Mr. Mustard and I also had planned a date night because our favorite (and only) babysitter, Claudine, was finally finished studying for her dental school entrance exam and could come over to watch Paprika.


Paprika loves Claudine, and I knew when we told Paprika that Claudine was coming over, Paprika would be ready to leave the park to come home to see her! I was right!


Before Claudine comes over, I always set up "stations" for them to do activities and crafts together. I make sure we have fresh Play Doh, lots of paper and markers to draw, new books to read, Duplo blocks, stacks of puzzles, the musical instruments are out, paint and easel are out and ready...stuff like that. That way, I know that Paprika is getting lots of one on one attention from Claudine.


Claudine also knows about our "no TV policy" - and so that also makes their time together more special. I guess my expectations are pretty high for a sitter, but I want to know that our money is well-spent and that Paprika is getting an enriching experience while we're out and about.


So, we had a wonderful date. We went and saw the movie, "I Love You, Man"- it was the first movie we've seen together in the theater in a long time. Then we had dinner at The Yard House- which is a pub right across from the movie theater. It was so nice to just sit and be, and not have to focus so much of our energy and attention on Paprika. It was a good break- and as Mr. Mustard said to me while we were eating dinner- "I bet Paprika is happy to have a break from us, too!"


When we got home and said bye to Claudine, Paprika started crying because she didn't want her to go. Gosh, that made me feel like chopped liver! But I know it's because I am always here and Claudine being here is I tried not to take it personally!


So, back to the park. We took lots of pictures (obviously!)- and had a super-relaxing time. Moving around is getting tougher for me. I think my anemia is sapping my energy a bit, so it's hard to keep up! But I'm managing...mostly. I am also feeling some horrible back pain- a third trimester pregnancy sign, for sure! If I stay too long in one position, I get stuck. I keep saying to myself, two more months...two more months...


This time of year has been particularly hard on me, because I remember how happy we were last year at this time, and how much everything has changed. It's probably a topic better suited for another time, but I am having a hard time with Easter this year.


I just remember last Easter, being pregnant, and how excited I was then. Here we are, another Easter, and I am pregnant and excited about not much has changed, but in some ways, everything has changed. It's kind of tough on me emotionally (understatement of the year).


We've been missing Vivian and Annemarie a lot lately, and find that as excited as we are about this new baby, we are also still so sad about losing our babies last July. I suspect that this sadness is something we will carry with us for a long time, probably forever. Hopefully, it will sting less and less as the years go by. Of all the things I have been through in my life, losing V&A has been the hardest, most painful loss I have ever endured. By far. But we keep going...and having fun, and enjoying life, and making the most of each day as best we can.


I know we have a lot to be grateful for. And life keeps moving, that is for sure.


Speaking of life and its movement is a picture of me at 28 weeks, 5 days pregnant with our new love! We are so excited to meet this little one, and we are anxiously counting the days to a hopefully very safe and peaceful arrival! Come on baby!!! :-)


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