Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day!


Paprika and I had a super-low-key Easter at the park by our house. It was just the two of us (there was no one else in the whole park), and we had a lot of fun! Mr. Mustard had to work until midnight, so we stayed at the park all afternoon until the sun started to sink on the horizon. Paprika brought her toy lions, and had a great time playing make believe with them.




So, it wasn't exactly a conventional Easter, but I enjoyed just being with my girl and appreciating the beauty of the day. I didn't want to fight the Easter crowds at our favorite spots. I knew that all of our usual haunts would be packed, and that just didn't seem like it would be much fun for either one of us. At least not as much fun as being together and doing our own thing!


Easter Sunday was the 9 month anniversary of Vivian and Annemarie's birth. It wasn't a day I really wanted to be around a lot of people, especially because Mr. Mustard had to work and I knew it would just be me, hugely pregnant, running after Paprika through throngs of people. No, these days we are taking things very slowly. I wanted to feel the stillness of the day, feel the warm sun on my skin, and take time to breathe and appreciate the true meaning of Easter- something that has been on my mind now more than ever.


So, we relaxed in the sun and made a paradise of this little, forgotten park by our house. All in all, it was the best place of worship I think we could have found on such a perfect, lovely day...



Paprika gifted me with lots of smiles, and lots of reasons to laugh out loud. Even in times of sorrow, I find that when I look at our little girl's face, I cannot help but feel my heart overflow with complete love, joy, and gratitude for the gifts we have been given and for our hopes for the future. Oh, how I treasure these moments!


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