Friday, April 3, 2009

Great News!


I woke up this morning to a call from my doctor's office telling me that I passed the 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test, and I do not have gestational diabetes! I was so happy, I almost ate a piece of cheesecake for breakfast, but decided to make a fruit salad instead. I will be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I would like to say that time is flying, but really, it is going soooooo unbelievably slowly!


Paprika and I spent the day at the Children's Museum. It was pretty awesome. I am so incredibly grateful for her. I hope I am a good mom to her. I love her so much. We sure have a lot of fun together.


We spent a lot of time outdoors. Our Children's Museum is a bit of a magical wonderland. I really enjoy the hours we spend there together.



Paprika got soaked in the water. She had so much fun washing off her bunny rabbit's truck. Bunny got lost at one point, and that was dramatic...but we eventually rescued him- thank goodness!



Paprika has quite the imagination, and wanted to see if we could find Cinderella. We spent a lot of time calling Cinderella's name out, but we never did find her.


We eventually ended up in the indoor playroom, which is a space with lots of educational stuff for babies and kids under age three.


While we were in the indoor playroom, I got stuck talking to a mom of twins for a loooong time (you know, because Paprika likes to stay in one place forever, so I was stuck). She sought me out and started to tell me all about how hard it is having twins. Sigh. The conversation ended up being so ridiculous, that I decided after talking to her that she was probably the dumbest person I've ever met, and I should really feel sorry for her (and her kids). Sometimes people think the dumbest things- and then, even more unbelievably, they say those thoughts outloud!


I ended up telling her our story (in the hopes she would get a little glimmer of perspective)- but nope, she kept right on talking. One gem was when she said, "Well, you're lucky- I have to think about sending two to college at the same time!" Right. That's exactly what I think about.

Another gem was, "You're so lucky you have just one. I wish I had just one." To that, I thought of saying to her, "So, if you had to pick one of them to die, which one would it be?" Of course, I didn't say that because I know when to shut up!

Another time she said, "My son was in the NICU forever. It was so hard on our family." And I said, "Oh, that's terrible. How long was he in for?" And she said, "Three days." Our whole conversation was filled with highlights like that. As I said, people are dumb.

After that, two sets of identical twins came into the playroom. What are the odds of that happening?


But anyway, it really was a good day. Things like that used to send me into a really bad mood, but now like to think that I have some perspective on the lack of perspective that others have. I realize that a lot of people don't get a lot of things. And that's okay. As I said, people can be really dumb sometimes! I asked her what she did for a living, and she's a high school teacher! Oh my! How that made me want to homeschool Paprika!


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