Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indoor Playground Sans Vomit!

Mr. Mustard took Paprika to the indoor playground today- you know, the scene of Paprika's projectile vomitting episode.

We figured that if Mr. Mustard took Paprika, they'd be less likely to remember that Paprika threw up all over their toys and frightened the other kids away last month!

So, I got to hang out at home, catch up with my BFF, Ann, on the phone, talk to my Aunt Laura on the phone, and apply the heating pad to my back! Paprika got to have a fun day with her daddy, and Mr. Mustard got to spend an afternoon in the company of wild preschoolers on spring break. In all seriousness, I think Mr. Mustard had a pretty good time.

I encouraged Mr. Mustard to bring the camera with him to take pictures...and even made sure he had the camera packed and fully charged...but he forgot the camera in the car! Once you're inside the indoor playground, you can't leave. I mean, you can leave but you have to take your child with you, and Paprika didn't want to stop playing to go out to the car to get the silly old camera.

So, there are no pictures of their time at the playground today. Oh well. I've seen it enough times, I can imagine it!

In lieu of indoor playground pics, I dug up a picture from last week's Easter celebration of Mr. Mustard and Paprika building a princess castle. Doesn't Mr. Mustard look soooo excited?!


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