Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


We had a wonderful Easter! Since Mr. Mustard is working today (officially Easter), we celebrated a little early- on Wednesday! Paprika loved her Easter basket. In addition to the goodies in her basket, she also was given a stuffed bunny, a Belle Princess Dress, and a big book called "Walt Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics." That book was the biggest hit! It's a very old book I found used and it has all her favorite stories in it. She has wanted to sleep with the book, and constantly refers to it as "my special book" and "my favorite book." In her basket, the Easter Bunny left her lots of stickers, early reader books, a flying stuffed monkey, and a little bit of candy!


And, of course, a new Easter dress! Here she is modeling her dress!


The Flying Monkey the Easter Bunny left in Paprika's basket was a huge hit. I think Mr. Mustard enjoyed it as much as Paprika!


Paprika thought it was hilarious!


She laughed and laughed and laughed.


Then she tried on her Belle dress. She was pretty excited about that!


Belle dress + Flying Monkey = Happy Paprika!


All in all, a wonderful start to our Easter celebration!


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