Thursday, April 2, 2009

For The Chance To Be Together

Today was one of those gray days just perfect for catching up on stuff. And, we had a lot of stuff to be done. A big trip to the post office to drop off packages long overdue. A trip to the bank to discuss a big deposit lost in the system. You know, stuff.

So, we did it together as a family, and even though it was a lot of just running around, doing the mundane, it was so wonderful just being together.

Mr. Mustard has been working on his "weekend" (Wed./Thurs.) editing the TV show The Doctors at night. So, our weekends are really just a few hours during the day on Wednesday and Thursday. But, it's what we've got, and we love it. We love being together. It's something I'm grateful for every single day- that gift of just being together as a family.

Our family has been hit really hard this past year with lots of health-related seems like everyone is battling cancer, or has a major health issue to grapple with. On Tuesday of this week, my mom underwent a major operation to remove a cantelope-sized tumor from her uterus.

We are praying for my mom, praying for my step-dad, Eric, who is in his second round of chemo and radiation after enduring two very complicated surgeries to remove his cancer. We are praying for Aunt Jane, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. For Mr. Mustard's mom, who is recovering from her mastectomy. For Aunt Jeanette, who recently lost her sister and her mom. For my Grandma, who is enduring a lot of physical pain and yet still stays so positive and bright. We know how fragile life is, and how lucky we are to have eachother and our health in this moment- it keeps us going and makes us so grateful.

Our day of errands was capped off with dinner together at La Salsa. Paprika was great, and had lots of fun entertaining herself, and Mr. Mustard and I got to sit down and talk and have someone else cook. As Paprika would say, "it was soooo relaxing." :-) Just being with these two, that was the highlight of my day...another day of still being pregnant, another day of quality time spent in the company of the loves of my was a beautiful day!

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