Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sleep In A Two Bedroom Home


Last night Ginger was up very late, as usual. Mr. Mustard wanted to give me a break from my up-all-night nursing sessions with Ginger, so he offered to take over (with pumped milk from the freezer).

Since our bedroom was occupied by Ginger and Mr. Mustard, I went into Paprika's room to catch some zzzz's. Paprika has a queen sized bed, and if she's asleep, it can be a nice and quiet place to rest.


I went into Paprika's room around 1am, and she was sitting up in bed, awake.

I said, Paprika, sweetie, what are you doing awake?

Paprika: I have too much to think about and I can't sleep.

Me: What are you thinking about?

Paprika: Well, do you remember when we went to Disneyland? I really liked the Pinocchio ride. It was my favorite. Pinocchio is my friend. Pinocchio has a Daddy, and a fish, and a kitty cat. Pinocchio's daddy wished on the star and then Tinkerbell came. I like Tinkerbell. Do you like Tinkerbell? Good. She has special wings and a pretty dress and makes magic happen. Do you remember when we went on the Ferris Wheel at Disneyland? And the teacups? I don't like the Pirate Ride. It is too scary for me.


Paprika: Where's Baby Ginger?

Me: She's with Daddy. She's okay.

Paprika: Good. Now do you remember when we went on the Bumblebee Ride(the Monster's Inc. ride)? I liked that one. There was a little baby monster. She was so cute! And then we saw the parade. And the show. And we went on the airplane rollercoaster. And...


Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep! Paprika woke up bright and early, as usual...ready to start the day and play and jump and dance and learn. Ginger went to sleep at 3:30am, and slept for a few hours before she, too, was up for the day.

Boundless energy.

I find myself tired, but not wanting to miss a moment of it, either. I love my late-night conversations with Paprika as much as I love rocking Ginger to sleep in the middle of the night. It truly is a 24 hour house here, and that's okay. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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