Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Annual Santa Trip


Last night, we took our annual family trip to see Santa. Paprika had been talking about it all day long (for weeks, really). She is very into Christmas this year - it has been a truly magical season for her (and us) this year.

When we got up to actually meet Santa, though, Paprika was kinda apprehensive. She brought him one of her drawings and wanted to tell him all about it. That broke the ice and then she very quietly asked him for the one thing she really really wants this year: A Princess Tiana dress. Good to know!

A peek into Santa Encounters Past:

Paprika in 2006:

Taken at the Castleton Mall in Indianapolis at 9pm on Christmas Eve, about 15 minutes before they closed. Got it in under the wire that year!


Paprika in 2007:

Same Mall, Same Santa!


Paprika, 2008:

The year Paprika boycotted Santa
and wanted to spend the whole night hanging out at The Gap instead. She was much more interested in the Christmas ornaments surrounding Santa than the big man, himself.




Paprika and Ginger 2009:

Ginger humoring her parents:


Ginger and Paprika: No tears, but no big smiles either. I think the idea of going to see Santa is very different than the reality. ;-)


After all was said and done, Paprika said goodbye to Santa and gave him a big "Thank you!!!" When we got home, all Paprika could talk about was "how proud she was of herself for talking to Santa." Then she wanted to watch "Merry Christmas" (what she calls The Charlie Brown Christmas Special). We watched it together as a family and had milk and cookies. I would say it was a pretty successful trip to see Santa this year, all things considered!

Next year, I am trying to talk Mr. Mustard in to dressing up as Santa and coming to the house to visit the girls. We shall see what Santa costumes are going for on Ebay in January. If I buy one, I bet I can talk him into it!

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