Tuesday, December 15, 2009

365 Goal!


If you look over at the blog archive on the right hand side of the screen and at the number in parentheses next to 2009, you will see that today it says 365.

Yup, this is my 365th post for this year.

I made it my goal at the beginning of 2009 to do 365 posts in a year - about one per day. For me, it was an exercise in focusing on the positive parts of my life. About enjoying motherhood and family life every day...even when I didn't feel like it because I was incredibly grief-stricken over the loss of our twins, Vivian and Annemarie.

I've heard it said that one of the surest ways to be happy is to practice happiness. Just as the surest way to be kind is to practice kindness. The truth is that after a year of focusing on all the good in our family, and all of the wonderful yummy experiences we've shared this year, I do feel a lot better about our lives and where we're headed.

I still have very hard days when I miss our twin daughters and wonder what life would be with them here. But more and more I am finding ways to live in the light and appreciate the good we have right now in our little family.

It is easy to focus on the deficits and what is wrong. But it is so much more affirming and life-changing to focus on what is right. Our lives are not always rosy-perfect, but each day I can find something to be joyful for...something to appreciate...something that fills my heart with gratitude.

If nothing else, I have accomplished my little 365 goal. And that makes me smile!

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