Monday, December 28, 2009

Jennifer Garner & Me


This morning, we hung out at The Children's Museum with Jennifer Garner. Well, we didn't exactly hang out with her. Actually, I was at home relaxing with Ginger and wasn't at The Children's Museum at all. But Mr. Mustard was there and he saw her.

The Children's Museum was packed (as I knew it would be during Winter Break), so I stayed home with Ginger. Don't get me wrong, I love going to The Children's Museum and we go all the time (as y'all know). I go when it is empty and we can pretend it's our own personal playground. Not when it's packed with umpteen million people and I feel like spraying down each thing with Lysol before Paprika can touch it. But Mr. Mustard thought it would be fun, so he took Paprika. He's a good, brave daddy!

Today was the last Snow Day (when they bring in snow from the mountains so Los Angeles kids can experience "winter"), and they had a Bouncy House...which for some reason brings out both the very best and worst in kids...especially Paprika.


Yesterday when Mr. Mustard took Paprika, she got so involved in playing in the bouncy house that she did not want to leave and was clutching the walls as they were shutting it down. This, of course, turned into a meltdown of epic proportions. Paprika started screaming, "Let go of me! I want my mommy!" so forcefully that someone thought Mr. Mustard was abducting Paprika. Mr. Mustard was mortified, of course!


Thankfully, it was so packed today that Paprika was ready to leave after a few hours of play this morning and no meltdowns ensued. Ginger and I met up with Mr. Mustard and Paprika for lunch at our favorite Chipotle (yum!) and then we headed up into the San Gabriel mountains for an afternoon hike.


As you can see, it was gorgeous, and we had the whole place to ourselves. Just how I like it!


We had a great time, scaling boulders...






and napping.


We really did have the whole place to ourselves. It felt like we were pioneers out in the Old Wild West.


Mostly, we just had fun being together...


and laughing! I'd take that over a Jennifer Garner sighting any day of the week!


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