Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kites and Wind!


Yesterday was a blustery day. We bundled up and went down to the park. Paprika has been talking about kites for weeks, and what do you know...a family down at the park was flying kites with their kids!

Paprika was all over that and worked her way into that activity ASAP!


Before we knew it, she was hanging out with their little girl and had found a new best friend for the day.


Ginger stayed snuggly in the Ergo next to Daddy. She was very interested in watching the kites fly high in the sky. There was a dolphin kite, a dragon kite, and a fairy kite. Very cool!


Mostly, though, she just wanted to look at me!


Yup, wherever Mommy goes (even behind the camera)- that seems to be Ginger's favorite place to look. Can't say I mind! :-)


After kites, it was time for more playing...


Yea for a good park day!


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