Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day!


Our Christmas morning began when Paprika came downstairs and noticed right off the bat that Santa had eaten ALL of the cookies we left for him, and drank ALL of the milk...AND had left a big, sooty footprint on our hearth. Messy Santa! Paprika kept looking for reindeer footprints, but we assured her that the reindeer stayed on the roof!


Then we decorated a Gingerbread House. Paprika had been wanting to decorate the gingerbread house all week. We told her that when Grandma (Mr. Mustard's mom) came for Christmas, we could decorate it together! It's sort of a tradition now, I guess, since we also did that last year!


Next up, we opened presents!


Paprika likes to open her presents very slowly and enjoy each gift. There is no tearing open packages in a frenzy in our house. The first thing she opened in her stocking was new playdoh, and she wanted to take it out and play with it right then. Next she opened a book, and she wanted to read the whole book (more than once!) before moving on to the next gift.


Next she opened her new bike helmet, and she wanted to go outside and ride her bike with her new helmet before she opened any more gifts.


Do you see where this is going?


Santa brought Paprika a whole host of Princess Tiana gear...which is just what she asked him for. I was glad Santa was able to make good on his promise. She has been a good girl this year!

She wanted to play with her Princess Tiana dress and her Princess Tiana doll for a long time before moving on to the next gift.


So, much like last year, opening presents became an all-day affair. Which really just stretches out the fun. We feel very blessed that Paprika and Ginger had so many presents to open, (many from her grandparents and great grandparents). They are very loved on children!


After that, we had a nice, yummy Christmas dinner at home. Mr. Mustard's mom prepared it and it was delicious! Paprika helped out in the kitchen, we enjoyed listening to Christmas music, drinking a little wine, and just being together.

A very good Christmas, indeed!


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