Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 1/2 Month Milestones


Ginger is now 5 1/2 months old. She can roll all the way over, rest up on her elbows, and scoot just a little bit.

We are pretty sure she's going to be left-handed because she reaches for everything with her left hand.

She still has no interest sleeping in her crib. When we put her to sleep in her crib, she wakes up immediately and is adamant about getting out of the crib. She wants to be held all the time, and lately has been waking up every two hours or so at night. Growth spurt? Teething? Both?

Every night, I end up walking around with her in the Ergo until she falls asleep, and then laying down beside her on our bed. She has to hold my hand while she's sleeping and when I let go, she wakes up.

I can't really say that I mind it. I am cherishing every precious moment of Ginger's life and love watching her sleep and being close to her. It's something I waited for and dreamt about for so long, I can't imagine ever taking a moment of her life for granted.

We are pretty sure she's teething because she is a little drool factory. And she chews on everything, including her hands. So, maybe we will see some teeth soon!

She has just started wearing 12-18 month clothes. Her 6-12 month pants are like capri pants on her now, and with the weather getting cold, I want her legs to be covered. I can't believe I'm already putting away her 6-12 month clothes! Eeek!

Love her so much. Can't believe she's nearing six big months old! Wow!


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