Monday, December 7, 2009

Art Museum


It was a rainy day today, so we spent it at the Art Museum (the Norton Simon). It was my dad and Nancy's last full day here - they leave tomorrow, so we wanted to make sure to make the most of it.


We ended up going out for sushi last night, which was a lot of fun. My dad and Nancy don't often eat sushi, so it was great for them to try some new things. Mr. Mustard ordered for us (he is the BEST at ordering in restaurants) - and they loved everything we got.


Tonight we all went out for Thai food, which is my dad and Nancy's favorite type of cuisine. They ordered so much, Mr. Mustard and I never thought they'd finish it all...but they did! Mr. Mustard and I ordered one entree a piece and we brought home leftovers! It was a lot of food, and so yummy.


Paprika's favorites at the art museum were the Picasso paintings and the Rodin sculptures. Ginger's favorite things to look at were the Degas paintings of ballerinas and the Van Gogh paintings.

Paprika also liked the depictions of Ganesha in the Asian art collections. We spent a long time in that wing looking around and talking about the art.


I'm so glad we got to go to the museum with my dad and Nancy. I am not looking forward to them leaving- it has been really good to have them here. I am already bummed they're leaving, and they haven't even left yet!

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