Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Papaw Dave & Miss Nancy


My dad and his lovely wife, Nancy, flew in from Indianapolis today! We are so happy to have them here. They said they came "just for the grandkids"- and that's okay by us.

After they landed, we went to Chiptole for lunch (yum!) and then to the Huntington to tour the gardens, and see the rare book library. We saw a rare Gutenberg Bible, an original edition of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, original Audubon illustrations, and a bunch of other really old books.

The museum also had a new installation of science exhibits. We were all taken by this wing of the museum, especially the lighting exhibit. We saw some of Thomas Edison's original hand-blown light bulbs. These photos were taken there. Who knew lighting could be so interesting?


We saw the rose gardens, the desert part, the Japanese Gardens, the Chinese Gardens, and the Children's Garden! A lot to see in one afternoon.


It was a good excuse for us to spend time together talking and catching up, and getting to know Nancy better. My dad and Nancy are newlyweds- they just got married in March 2009. They are really happy. I'm so happy for my dad. He deserves a wonderful woman in his life! We approve!


Paprika had lots of fun showing my dad and Nancy the sites. This is a magnet with iron shards you can use to make sculptures. Paprika can spend hours here on a regular visit, but today we had too much to see!


It was a happy day, and Paprika was so excited to spend so much time with her Grandpa, aka "Papaw Dave" and "Nana" (the name we came up with for Nancy).


I know my dad had a great time snuggling Baby Ginger. Speaking of which, Ginger is just amazing us with her developments. She is going gangbusters with her movements, her speech...everything. She is now flipping over, rolling everywhere, trying to crawl...basically everything short of cartwheels. She is "talking" to us in her magical baby language, teething, and trying to eat our food.


Where is my newborn who looks up at me with her doe eyes and falls asleep? She is growing up alright. I just didn't expect she'd be doing all of this so soon. We are so proud of her!


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