Sunday, December 27, 2009

Foolin' Around


Our day after Christmas was very lazy. We played with all the toys and presents. Mid-day, Mr. Mustard and I took Paprika to see The Princess and the Frog movie in the theater (her third time seeing it, but the first time she got to see it with both of us).

She wore her Princess Tiana dress, and her Princess Tiana necklace, and brought her Princess Tiana doll with her - all of which Santa brought her for Christmas. She insisted that everyone call her Princess Tiana. She got a lot of attention at the theater, and pretty much everyone thought she was the most adorable thing going. I would have to agree!

We didn't take a camera because Mr. Mustard was worried we'd be accused of being movie pirates, so the event will have to stay etched in our memories. We had a great time, and I know Paprika enjoyed having both her mommy and her daddy all to herself for an afternoon out on the town.

We put Ginger down for a nap right before we left, hoping she'd sleep while we were gone. Mr. Mustard's mom stayed at our house and watched Ginger for us- which was really nice of her. When we came home, Ginger was awake and all smiles- which was great! I think Pat (Mr. Mustard's mom) enjoyed the one-on-one time with Ginger, too.

I am still fighting my pneumonia, but am definitely better than I was a few weeks ago. Ginger is still exclusively breastfed, which is taking a lot out of me. I am not ready to give it up, but I will say that her waking up every two hours at night is hard on me! Perhaps when we start feeding her solid foods (soon), things will get easier and she will sleep more? We shall see...

As for now, we're taking it one day at a time and enjoying our Christmas break. I don't even want to think about Mr. Mustard going back to work in January. I am loving him having time off- it really is the best Christmas present ever.

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