Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day Of Rest


We're all feeling a little under the weather, so we rested a lot today and mostly stayed home. In the afternoon, we took a walk to the park/playground, and went to the outdoor plant nursery to look at Christmas trees.

The big news around our house is that Ginger has given us the thumbs up to use the Ergo baby carrier. Up until now, she only wanted to be carried in the Baby Bjorn...which hurts our backs so much. So, now we can put our three Ergos to use! It's the start of a new era. We had a great walk to the park using the Ergo. Yea!


Paprika played and got some energy out at the park. It is so nice having my dad and Nancy here. Many hands make light work- it is so true. They have been helping a lot. Today Mr. Mustard and I went on a lunch date while my dad and Nancy watched the kids. I got to look at a menu and order without saying "don't pour the salt and pepper on the table, please" and "don't stick your fingers in my water glass" (my two standard things I say to Paprika everytime we go out to dinner). I got to think about what I wanted to order...ahhhhh. Little things. Of course, after an hour, all we wanted to do was come home and see Paprika and Ginger.


Tomorrow (December 7th) is World TTTS Awareness Day. This time of year is hard on me...just thinking about how old Vivian and Annemarie would be, and why they aren't here, and how much I wish they were.

But I've been focusing on the Serenity Prayer, and that helps. Focusing on the good and what life is now, not what it would be. Taking it one day, one moment at a time. Just being in the present. That helps. And surrounding myself with happy times and good people. But, I still miss them.


Speaking of good times and good people, we are going to pop in a DVD and have family movie night: The Little Mermaid (my dad has never seen it) and maybe order in some sushi. Somehow eating sushi while watching The Little Mermaid sounds kinda ironic- oh no, poor Flounder!

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