Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Happiest Place...


We had a little family trip to Disneyland today! Paprika has been itching to go, and we decided that it was time...the weather is cooler and the crowds are gone. Hooray!


Paprika rode all her favorite rides, and Ginger rode some, too! That's right, it was Ginger's first trip to Disneyland on the outside. ;-) Of course, she visited Disneyland about 700 times when I was pregnant with her, but this was the first time she got to look around.

The first ride we rode was the Carousel, which Paprika calls "the horsey ride."


Ginger was in the Baby Bjorn, and slept through the whole ride. Maybe next time she'll be awake so we can stick her on a horse.

Here is the view I had of Ginger sleeping in the Baby Bjorn:


The first ride Ginger was aware of (translation: not sleeping) was It's A Small World (which Paprika calls "the dollie ride"). Ginger loved the ride. The first time we rode it, she looked at every single little doll on the ride, and then the next time we rode it, she did the same thing. It was a fave!

She also rode The Winnie The Pooh ride (which Paprika calls "the honey ride")- Ginger thought that was a trip, as well. I'd say that for being two months old, she's pretty excellent at rides. ;-)

This is a picture of Ginger riding on the carousel with me:


No trip to D-land would be complete without visiting our special brick. We said hi to Vivian and Annemarie's brick, and hi to Blake and Ethan's brick today. Every trip to Disneyland, I wish we were pushing Vivian and Annemarie in the stroller instead of saying hello to their brick at the gate. I am so glad that we have this brick to memorialize them, and it makes me feel like even though they aren't here with us physically, they are with us in spirit (as they always are)...


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