Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, surprise surprise, we didn't get the house. Our offer of asking price wasn't accepted. It went for $33K over asking (we went in at asking price). We didn't even get a chance to counteroffer. Grrrr. On to the next one!

Here are a few pics of us hanging out in our house, avoiding the smoke from the fire. I am so ready for the air to be clean and clear again!


Sunset from our front porch (Above)- the fire is making for some awesome sunsets

Ginger in the Bumbo seat (Below)- she's already holding her head up so well


Ginger at 10 weeks old (Below)


Ginger laughing at 10 weeks old (Below)


Paprika wearing Mr. Mustard's jacket (below)- We've been keeping the AC running to filter the air, and it's been a little cold. LOL.


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