Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Park Day!


After I picked Paprika up from preschool, I had big plans to take these girls to The Children's Museum today. I got Paprika all excited about it, changed her into her water shoes, and made the trek over to the museum. We got up to the gate and it was locked. They were closed for Fall Break. What museum closes for Fall Break?!


Paprika was really disappointed (translation: on the verge of meltdown) I had to think fast. Enter Plan B: trip to the park! It was a little hot, but Paprika didn't mind too much. All she really wanted to do was push Ginger in the stroller and give her kisses.



Ginger relaxed and slept...


While Paprika smelled the roses.


I will miss this park if we move. We've spent some pretty wonderful afternoons here!


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