Thursday, September 3, 2009

11 Weeks!


Ginger is 11 weeks old today. She is so awake these days...she barely naps or sleeps! She is wide awake most of the time, which is a big change from when she was first born and slept all the time. She sleeps for a six hour stretch at night, which is really nice. And when she's awake, she is generally really long as I'm holding her!

Ginger is definitely a mama's girl. Nothing can calm her like being in mommy's arms. I'm not complaining! After all I went through to carry her for 9 months, I should hope that she prefers me! ;-)

She loves to "talk" to us in her baby voice- she has a lot to say. She can mimic back "hello" to Mr. Mustard, just as Paprika did. We may have an early talker on our hands...just like her big sister.

I imagine all the wonderful conversations Ginger and Paprika will have. Very exciting stuff.

Happy 11 Weeks, Ginger! You are our treasure!

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