Thursday, September 10, 2009

12 Weeks!


I can't believe how quickly 12 weeks has gone by. Wham-O! Ginger is already 12 weeks old. How on Earth did that happen? She's still not three months, though. I have almost a week left until that happens. ;-)

Ginger is such a wonderful baby. She is super smiley, she giggles a lot, and is very alert. She lights up whenever someone smiles at her. Ginger is very partial to Paprika. Paprika can always get a huge grin out of Ginger.

Sleep-wise she's doing pretty well. Some nights she has me up all night, and some nights she will sleep for a long stretch. It's nice, though, because even when she's awake all night, she's not fussy anymore. She's just awake!


Bythe definitely loves to be held by me...she makes that clear by getting very fussy very fast when anyone else holds her!

Ginger is still not loving being in the car...Paprika was the same way. She wants to make eye contact. She wants to be held. She does not want to be driving around in the car. That makes it a little tricky to go places farther than 10 minutes away, but we're working on it.

I have to say the past 12 weeks have been some of the most magical of my life. I love having Ginger in our family. She is just 100% joy, and that is something we really needed. Her smile is heart mending. We still miss our twin girls, Vivian and Annemarie, and we still wonder what might have been...but we are happy and grateful for the good in our lives. And Ginger is a wonderful "good" in our lives...she is pure perfection in our eyes.


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