Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Grove!


We spent a wonderful Saturday at The Grove in LA, which is like an outdoor mall but way cooler. It's set up like a mini town and has a Farmer's Market, restaurants, shops, a movie theater, and a trolley.

They have a huge fountain in the center filled with koi. The fountain puts on water shows, and Paprika LOVES to watch! We sat at the fountain for a long, long, long, long time watching the fish and the water show.


We were there so long, Mr. Mustard decided to take a nap!


After Mr. Mustard woke up, we took Paprika to the American Girl doll store. We have convinced her that it is a doll museum, not an actual store. We got out of there without buying anything, which I consider to be a minor miracle, as everyone else seemed to be bankrupting themselves!


Then we went to lunch at Johnny Rocket's over by the Farmer's Market. Ginger was sleeping in the Baby Bjorn, shielded from the sun by my nursing cover. There is nowhere she'd rather be than snuggled up close. She spent most of the day asleep and under wraps. I think people must wonder why I'm walking around with a big sheet across my chest, but works!


Paprika wanted a cheeseburger, so we ordered her very first meal in a sit-down restaurant (usually she shares whatever we're eating). She touched not one bite of it...and instead wanted to drink Mr. Mustard's shake!


I enjoyed my lunch while Ginger slept the meal away under the big white sheet!


When we got back to our car, Mr. Mustard noticed that parked next to us was a Lamborghini something-or-other. Mr. Mustard was so excited about it because this particular model of Lamborghni was the most expensive car in the world until a few months ago (priced at $1.5 million, I think he said?) but then some other car came out (the Hermes something or other?) that costs $1.8 million, so this one got knocked down a notch.

As you can tell, I was soooo impressed! ;-) All I care about anymore is how much trunk space a car has, and this one looked like it was lacking! A car costs $1.5 million and can't fit my double stroller? Forget about it!


Then we went home and saw a very rare sight...Paprika napping! The End.


Edited to add: Mr. Mustard just read this post and showed me the Wikipedia page for this car. Apparently, only 20 cars were made in the whole now I am a bit more impressed (translation: much more impressed). Wow! What was this car doing parked in the mall parking lot?! That's LA...

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