Thursday, September 24, 2009

14 Weeks!


Ginger turned 14 weeks today! She is probably the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life. She is just always's pretty great!

We have had one heck of a week with our home-buying search. We found a property we loved, got our offer accepted, only to find out that there were some issues with the property that we didn't want to deal we backed out. It's been a rollercoaster - up and down - and we've experienced some highs and lows this past week.

But Ginger and Paprika have been troopers. I took them both to the beach and to the beachside park yesterday- it was about 100 degrees here in Pasadena and I was losing my mind! I love that cool, breezy beach weather and am hopeful we'll find something to closer to the ocean. Wouldn't it be great to live near the beach?


The only downside to moving closer to the beach would be that we'd have to take Paprika out of her preschool. Paprika is Miss Popularity at her school, apparently. She has tons of friends and is the "one" that all the other girls want to sit next to during snack time. One fellow mom told us that her daughter has named all her dolls at home "Paprika" - and when Paprika comes into school in the morning, this little girl runs over to Paprika and hands her a princess dress to wear for the day. When we walk through the halls, all the kids know Paprika and so do all the teachers. Everyone is saying "Hi Paprika!"- and we have no idea how they know our little girl.

It's weird for me because I have always assumed I'm Paprika's whole world, but I guess not! I'm glad she has her friends and is so happy there, and I would be sad to pull her out for our move. But...better now than later, right? We can't stay in Pasadena forever because the public schools here are so awful, so maybe it's time to find a good school district and put down roots there.

So, that's what we're up to! Looking for houses...always...and squeezing in some fun time in between!

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