Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exhausting Sunday


Saturday at The Grove was so restful and unexpected- we thought Mr. Mustard had to work until the last minute, then he found out he got Saturday off work - love surprises like that!

We needed all that rest to gear up for today, Sunday, which by all means should have been restful...but ended up being exhausting!

We saw three houses down by the beach, with toddler and newborn in tow. Ginger was easy, Paprika was a piece of work! She clearly did not want to be house hunting, and all she kept saying all day was that she wanted to go back to the fountains at The Grove to see the fish and the water show. I guess the fountain made quite the impression!

After all our running around looking in other people's homes, we hit the playground/park over by the beach. On the coast, it is so nice and cool...refreshing...ahhhhh! A big change from our 98 degree days here in Pasadena!

Paprika had a great time playing on the playground and running through the "steam" they had in the park. She went wild for these water much fun!


We stumbled upon a little pond with ducks and turtles. Paprika had loads of fun chasing the birds, and almost forgot about the fish in the fountain at The Grove.


A fun day was had by all. Now we just need to rest up for our next adventure!

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