Tuesday, August 25, 2009

McD's Playland


Today our big outing was to McDonald's PlayPlace. We have a McDonald's near us with a huge playstructure, and Paprika loves going there. I wanted to go at an off-time because if you go right at lunch or dinner, it's really crowded. It was 95 degrees here today, so going to an outside park was not an option.

So, we showed up at McDonald's at 2:30, and it was packed. Turns out we arrived just as a big family reunion was happening. They all went back to the PlayPlace room and took up all the seats. There were about 30 adults (mostly men) and 2 children. We got our food, and went to sit down, but there was nowhere to sit. So, there I am, trying to figure out a spot for us and of course Ginger starts crying because she woke up and was hungry.

Paprika had already gone inside the playstructure, so I couldn't go into the other part of the restaurant...what could I do? I had to feed Ginger, and I couldn't leave Paprika.

So, I got out my nursing cover and fed Ginger standing up right there in the middle of this crowded room full of strangers! It was so awkward because I know they were looking at me like, "what is she doing?" Nothing like having a bunch of strange dudes stare at you while you attempt to feed your hungry baby.

Then, Paprika ran out of the Playstructure screaming, "there's poop in my underwear!" and sure enough, there was. So, there I was, standing up breastfeeding Ginger in a packed room full of men and Paprika was yelling, "It's yucky! I have poop all down my leg! Wipe me, Mommy!!!"

So, then I took Paprika to the bathroom (still breastfeeding Ginger to keep her from crying), all the while Paprika was screaming..."I don't want to go into the bathroom. The hand dryer is scary! I don't like it when the toilet flushes! Don't use the hand dryer, Mommy! Don't flush the toilet!"

I got her in the bathroom and realized that I forgot to pack her a change of underwear. And, of course, she was wearing a dress...lovely!

The whole mess was disgusting, and the underwear was beyond dirty. I dealt with that (still holding Ginger and still attempting to breastfeed). By the time we got out of the bathroom, the family reunion was heading out the door - thank goodness! All I wanted was to sit down and eat my food! Finally, a place to sit!

So, yup, I let Paprika play in the PlayStructure just in her dress while I enjoyed my meal. Then a bunch of older kids showed up, and I didn't want Paprika to get embarrassed if one of them noticed her without underwear. Plus, I was bracing myself for the inevitable: the next accident...and this one woudn't be so contained. I was having visions of having to go into the kiddie playstructure, find the poop, and deal with cleaning that up.

So, after I scarfed down my meal, I somehow persuaded Paprika to leave. That involved lots of tears and drama, too... Got on the freeway just in time for rush hour to begin!

Who knew going on a simple trip to McDonald's would be such a pain in the butt?! Literally!


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