Monday, August 17, 2009

Paprika's Third Birthday!


We celebrated Paprika's Third Birthday yesterday! We had originally planned on taking her to Disneyland. But then I looked up the dates for the LA Unified School District and the Orange County School District, and realized that school doesn't start for them until mid-September, so the park will still be packed. We didn't want to fight crowds on a hot summer day at Disneyland. So, we are going to postpone taking Paprika for her birthday til September. She has been asking to go non-stop since we last took her in May.


So, in lieu of a big day at Disneyland, we kept it low key and simple. Paprika had a "Princess Day" with lots of princess themed party favors and presents. Princess plates, cups, wrapping paper and princess presents, of course!

Paprika is completely infatuated with everything Princess, so she was so excited about her special "Princess Day"! :-)






After opening presents and having cake, we took Paprika to her favorite restaurant...the McDonald's with the big playstructure. We got there and she didn't want to have lunch, she just wanted to play with the other kids! So, Mr. Mustard and I got to enjoy lunch while Paprika played. Ginger slept, nursed, and hung out with us.

We came home and watched The Princess and the Pauper, a DVD movie that Auntie Ann sent as part of Paprika's birthday present. The best part is that the princess in the movie is named Princess Sunshine (Ginger's middle name) and the Pauper is named Erika (spelled with a "K" even!) We got a big kick out of that!

All in all, a good birthday. Paprika told us she had a wonderful day! And that's what matters.

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