Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Wild Goose Chase!

Today Paprika, Ginger, Bella (my ever-patient real estate agent), and I embarked on another wild goose chase in our search for a house.

I saw this house online last night, and as soon as I saw it, I really wanted it. It had just come on the market that morning, so I thought we'd have a good chance.

It is in a great school district, and on a huge lot. Nevermind that the house had been converted into a preschool 30 years prior. I figured that out when I saw the giant wood crayons hanging on the front porch. The house had no shower or bathtub, no appliances, and no toilets...well, except for these:

And we're potty training, so I thought these mini toilets might actually come in handy!

The house needed a lot of work. The floors were a mess, everything needed replacing...the house was built in 1919 and let's just say it showed its age.

All of the rooms had been converted into classrooms, so there weren't any bedrooms. No living room. No dining room. Just big open rooms. But, it is in a fantastic school district, and the house was big at 2100 sq/ft.

I saw it and thought, "this is an opportunity!"

And the backyard? It was huge! Incredibly huge! It had a whole playground in the backyard!

The backyard was so huge, it even had its own parking lot!

They were asking $599,900 for the property, and at that price, I felt like they were giving it away. it turns out, I was right. When we got home, my real estate agent checked and they had already received multiple cash offers over asking price. Someone is going to tear this property down and build a McMansion...or an apartment complex.

The seller wants all offers in by this Friday morning (2 days after listing it)...with no contingencies. So, if we made an offer, we'd have no option to get an appraisal or an inspection. And as adventurous as we are, we just can't play ball with the big real estate investors who pounced on this property the moment it was listed.

They say the market has tanked in Los Angeles...and I know that's true. But it seems like everything I set my sights on gets snatched up immediately. Ah was quite an adventure! Farewell, Crayon House!

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