Friday, August 28, 2009

Fire On The Mountain


This was the view from our front porch yesterday. Turns out the fire I saw as we were going to McDonald's yesterday is turning out to be a big deal. Here is an article that was on my Yahoo News feed this morning.

That big cloud is smoke, and the red part down below is the glow from the fire. We're close to the fire, but not close enough to be threatened. It would have to burn through all of La Canada-Flintridge and into Pasadena to get to us. If that happens, we'll have lots of warning, and be able to get out with days to spare. Having lived through a house fire and escaped with seconds to spare...I would appreciate having a few days notice the next time a fire destroys my house. ;-)

I think about that house that we almost made an offer on back in May...the one perched right on the edge of the Angeles National Forest. I hope it's okay. The new owners closed on Ginger's birthday, June 18th. They just moved in, and now the Angeles National Forest (their backyard) is on fire. How is that for a house warming present? Bad joke, sorry. I do feel awful for them. I'd love to drive by the house and see if it's okay, but I'm pretty sure the roads are closed leading up to the house.

So, it's too smoky to go outside today again. I'm going to have to figure out more fun things to do with Paprika indoors. Play-doh, drawing, reading...and when all else fails, Princess dvds!

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