Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grammy Time!


My mom is visiting. She came over last night and met her grandbaby Ginger for the very first time. My mom goes by the name Grammy (pronounced Gram-mee). Mr. Mustard's mom is Grandma. She is here til Tuesday morning, so hopefully we can make lots of memories before she heads back to Indy.


Paprika has been having lots of fun playing with Grammy last night and today. They went swimming today, and spent some time painting this afternoon. Paprika is quite the artist. She told my mom all about her artwork and what it symbolizes. She had a very attentive audience in her Grammy!



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Sheila said...

Oh my, Ginger favors your Mama!! Do you have any baby pictures of your Mom? How cool. Your Mom is a very young, cute, Granny. Only a Granny can smile like that, it comes straight from the heart.