Friday, June 22, 2012

Uncle Robbie!


My brother, Robbie, has been visiting for almost a week now. He is set up in Ginger's old room (now the guest room). It is a room filled with PINK, but he seems fine with it. Haha!

He has been great with the girls - we've had lots of days at the park playing hide and go seek, tag, and having impromptu picnics. He is great at reading stories to them. He even helped me pick up and drop off Paprika at school this week.


Paprika was very excited to introduce Uncle Robbie to her teacher and her friends!


I've put him to work around the house...he's been helping me with my little summer to-do list. ;-)

But it hasn't been all work - He spent a day down at the beach and found a cool surf shop. He's been to two guitar stores in the area - a local one and a chain - all to find some parts for my guitar.


He's restoring a guitar I got from my dad for my 17th birthday present - my Washburn 12 string. It was damaged in the fire of 2000, and Robbie is fixing it. He's quite talented and handy like that.


We only have him here until Tuesday, when he's going to a wilderness camp in Colorado. be 17 again! Haha. But being 34 is pretty great, too, all things considered. :-)


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