Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 Months!


Baby Violet is now 7 months old. For my own records (and so she can read this when she is all grown up), this is what she is doing now:

Violet can roll over, and can go from laying down to sitting up all on her own. She is trying so hard to crawl. She can push her self up onto her knees and rock, but she doesn't get very far!

She can say mama and dada. She loves being held, and is very partial to her mama. When she is tired, she doesn't want to be held by anyone else. She loves to be held when she is sleeping, too.

She is a great little nurser. She is starting to eat some baby food, but she's not a huge fan. She likes hummus and that's about it. She likes to teethe on frozen bagels (one of my friends told me that trick)...but she usually just tosses it from the high chair about 30 seconds later.

Her favorite toy is a frozen water bottle. I could not make this up. She also loves shoes - if you place toys on the floor for her to play with, she will instead roll over to the nearest shoe and want to play with the laces. We have a lot of girly shoes in this house, so maybe that's why!


Violet is happiest outdoors. When she's fussy or tired, we'll go for a walk outside and it will soothe her. She has very specific musical taste and if you put on a song she doesn't like, she will let you know (Paprika was the same way! Paprika only liked female vocalists at this age).

Violet can wear anything from size 6 months to size 18 months clothes, depending on the brand. She mostly wears 12-18 months clothes now! She wears a size 3 diaper.

She loves her sisters and lights up whenever they are around. You can tell that all she wants to do is play with her sisters, and be part of their group.

I am guessing she is going to have red hair, like Mr. M. Although, I said the same thing about Ginger and that didn't turn out how I expected it. Haha!

Most of the time, she still sounds like a dolphin when she's "talking" to us. I love hearing her little voice, it makes me smile always.

I can't believe our little Pavenzia is already 7 months old. Doesn't it feel like I just announced I was pregnant with her? She is such a dream baby. I am so thankful every day that she is in our lives. She is everything good and sweet and true...all rolled up into a chubby little chunk-a-lunk. Love this girl so very much. Every day she splits my heart into a million pieces and heals it all at once again.

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Sandra said...

Our little miss is right there with Violet on the love of water bottles and shoes! :)

Lauren said...

Wow, they grow up so fast! She is a beauty! <3

Mimi said...

She is a JOY!
I really enjoyed reading of all thei things she does, and was amused at how a shoe is her best toy!
It really does seem so short a time since she was "Pavenzia", time does fly by!
I think she will have red hair, and I would call Ginger's hair Auburn from the photos, maybe it's different in reality?