Monday, June 11, 2012

That Crazy Old Possum!


I totally forgot to write about what happened last Thursday! Eeek!

First of all, I finally took Violet's "6 Month" know, two days before she turned 7 months old. I almost put on the 7 month sticker right after I tore off the 6 month sticker...but I didn't. I am doing these photos about a month apart - so two days before she turns 8 months, she'll get her 7 month pictures done. Haha.


Paprika took this picture of me at school pick-up. Baby Violet was really cute about her little flower headband- she actually kept it on and liked it. Maybe I have another girly-girl here!


After we got home from school, we were playing in the backyard...having fun with Daisy, bouncing on the trampoline while I was supervising. Just hanging out. All of a sudden, Daisy started barking like CRAZY. I looked over at the top of the fence and there was a GINORMOUS possum walking towards Paprika. It probaby weighed 25 or 30 pounds.


I let out a blood-curdling scream. Paprika looked over and saw the possum and started to walk over to pet it. Again, I let out another blood curdling scream. I was like: EVERYONE in the house NOW!!!!

I have a huge phobia of possums (bet you didn't know that)- so I was basically hyperventalating. I ran next door to my neighbor's house and she called Animal Control (way to keep her head clear - unlike me!)

I took all these trampoline pictures right before the possum came along. I actually have a bunch of photos of the possum, too, but I just can't post them. They gross me out- and my blog is my happy place, full of beauty. :-)


So, the girls and I hung out over at my neighbor's house until the coast was clear. The girls thought it was a great adventure (of course) and Paprika still wanted to pet the "cute and cuddly little possum!"

It turns out that the possum had dementia and was diseased, so it's probably good that she didn't pet him. I swear, our little neck of the woods is straight out of Wild Kingdom. Raccoons, skunks, and baby ducks...what's next?! A bear?!


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Devon said...

I wanna see a pic of the possum!! Seriously you DO live at the wild kingdom!

Tracy said...

In July 2010, we found an opossum in our bedroom!! I was pregnant and hopped right up on a dresser. I was screaming while my husband chased it around, and our oldest never even woke up! I still get the creeps. ugh

Mimi said...

I'd be screaming too!
We have squirrells in our back garden and I'm not one bit happy about it. I wouldn't hurt them, and I know they're God's creatures and all that, but I just wish they wouldn't visit MY garden, it creeps me out!