Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Girl!


Ginger woke up on her birthday in a mood. She was not happy! She said, "It's not my birthday today. I am still two years old. I don't want to be three." She was not having any of this birthday stuff.

I got to the bottom of what was bugging her. She thought that if she was three, she'd have to use the potty instead of diapers. And that was NO GOOD in her book. So, I told her she could wait for a little while longer to be potty trained, and she was very happy after that. No reason to ruin a perfectly good birthday over something so inconsequential. Ha!

Over breakfast, I gave her a little gift - the purple treasure box you see in these pictures. I told her that later we'd open more presents (after daddy got home from work). She said, "But I already have a present!" She has been wanting a treasure box like this for a long time (Paprika has one very similar) - so I knew it would be a hit.


For her birthday (the actual day)- we went to the park and played around the house. That night when Mr. M got home from work, we had our little party. For months she's been insisting that she wanted Vanilla cake only - NOT chocolate cake. So, we made sure to get a white/vanilla cake. Paprika, of course, requested chocolate- so we got a little mini cake for her in chocolate.

Well, after we got Ginger's cake all decorated and what not, she took one bite of it and said: Yuck! I do not like vanilla cake!

Thankfully, Paprika shared her mini cake with Ginger and all was well. ;-) Those girls are great at sharing with eachother - and Ginger even offered to give all her presents to Paprika. Paprika said, "No, it's your birthday and your presents! You are too sweet!"


We had a great little party. We had lots of wonderful presents that family had sent for Ginger, and she had the best time opening all the presents. It was like Christmas for her! She was dancing around singing, "It's my birthday!!! I am threeeeeee!" She is a very loved little girl, and we feel very blessed.

I think even Uncle Robbie had fun celebrating with us. He timed his trip just perfectly for the party. Haha.

So, there ya have it. It was a low-key party, but just perfect. The more experience I get as a parent, the more I realize that when you keep things simple, everything just goes so much better. Also, having a little backup plan (like a spare chocolate cake - ha!) doesn't hurt, too.

All in all, a very successful birthday party for our little Ginger Bear!


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1 comment:

Mimi said...

She's so funny; you never know the things that go on in their heads, do you!
Glad the party went so well, and it's true about keeping things simple. It doesn't last that they're happy with simple, so may as well enjoy it now!
Paprika is such a great big-sis, sharing the cake, and I love the eye of Voilet from the high chair!
Enjoy your brother's visit.