Monday, June 18, 2012

Ginger Is Three!


Three years ago today our little Ginger Sunshine was born.



She was born 11 months after her twin sisters were stillborn, and also after a miscarriage the year before.


She has been an immeasurable joy in our lives.


I would say she is a rainbow baby (that's what you call a baby born after a loss)- but really, she is more a bright, intense beam of sunshine.

baby power!

I am so grateful for the absolute JOY that she is.


She reminds me that when things look darkest, to never give up and to never stop trying - especially when it's in pursuit of building a family. She is such a gift.


Even though our family does not look the way I thought it would, not a day goes by that I am not grateful for how things have turned out.


Happy Birthday, Ginger! You are everything, and everything is you...


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Kim said...

So sweet! She sure is a ray of sunshine:) She shares a birthday with Brennan:)

Kriza said...

She's just beautiful, in every way. Happy birthday, little Ginger, from Hungary! :-)

Amee said...

can't believe ginger is three! she looks like a little ball of energy, that's so full of life!!

ps i am happy to say my blog is all updated ;]

jody said...

oh such a beautiful fun family! happy birthday sunshine girl!!!enjoy your days!!

Mimi said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Ginger!
She's a little treasure Erika. Have never heard of a rainbow baby before (and cringe at the thought of putting a burden on a child, but maybe wrong there) but Ginger is certainly a ray of sunshine.
She is so very pretty!