Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End Of An Era!


It's the second to last "Wacky Wednesday" at Paprika's school. All Wacky Wednesday means is that all the afternoon kindergarten kids have to come earlier in the day every Wednesday due to teacher meetings in the afternoon.

Every single week it throws our schedule off and sends us for a little bit of a loop. Today I went in Paprika's room to wake her up for school and she was sleeping so soundly it kinda broke my heart. Then I felt her and she felt hot, so I was worried that maybe she was getting sick (since Ginger and Violet were both sick last week).

I decided to call her in sick to school. I wonder if her school has noticed that Paprika is only sick on Wacky Wednesdays? Coincidence???

Anyway, she woke up half an hour later and was totally fine, and in fact was upset that she missed school. We had a little talk about how maybe if she didn't stay up all night talking to herself about how movies are made (last night's monologue), then maybe she would wake up earlier.

I really can't win on this one. If I wake her up, I worry that I'm going to stunt her growth and she'll end up dwarf-sized, and her dreams of Olympic swimming will be dashed. If I don't wake her up, then she's a truant.

Yet another reason I should homeschool... chalk that up to reason eight billion!

Speaking of swimming, today was her last day of private swim lessons. It really is the end of an era. She's been doing private swim lessons three times/week since February. She has had the best teachers this time, and we were all sad that it's coming to an end.

She made the sweetest card for her teacher, Benji. I got a picture of the two of them right before today's lesson:


Here she is earlier in the season with her teacher, Jeff. He was awesome, too. He was the one who got her to first swim laps.


I can't say how thankful I am to these guys. Paprika has found a sport she loves to do and that's great for her. It's really exciting to see your child succeed at something they love.


But not to despair, we start lessons again in a week and a half. For the summer, I have Paprika and Ginger doing group lessons (4 kids per lesson) for four days/week. With both the big girls in the pool, I'll be able to lay in the grass and relax with baby Violet. I remember all last Summer, all Fall, and all this Spring - for a YEAR now- I have chased Ginger around the pool while Paprika had her lesson, trying to keep Ginger OUT of the pool. My afternoons often looked like this:


Fingers crossed Ginger loves swimming as much as her big sister does. We shall see!

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noswimmers said...

Ok...two days of pics featuring sleeping little ones?? Be still my heart! Nothing more beautiful than a sleeping little one.
Amazing how much the girls look alike!!