Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daddy's Weekend!


So, after I posted last week that Baby Violet was not crawling, she turned around and started crawling about 10 minutes later. It's like she knew I was writing about her! So, yes, we have a crawler on our hands now. She loves to crawl straight for the electronics and power cords, so I've started babyproofing again. :-)

The end of last week was a little bit of a blur because on Thursday night, I got the flu! I was sooooo sick. I fell asleep with Ginger on Thursday night and was a mess all day Friday. That was a hard day because all the kids were feeling GREAT and had tons of energy, and I was taking care of them while wanting to just fall down and sleep.

The highlight of Friday was when I took the girls to the park because my cleaning lady was coming and I had to get everyone out of the house. We got to the park and Ginger had a pooopy diaper that had leaked all the way down to her ankles. She didn't want me to change it. At the same time, Paprika had a meltdown because she wanted water with ice and all the water bottles I had were "too hot" - so she was freaking out. And then baby Violet started screaming because she was hungry and wanted to be picked up. There were some teenage girls hanging out near our van and I know they were thinking, "Wow, I am NEVER having kids." Haha.

But it worked out fine. I got Ginger changed first, put on a special app for Paprika on the Ipad that calmed her down, and picked up Violet and fed her. Voila, michief managed.


By Saturday I was feeling a little better. Mr. M was home, so that helped. We did our usual picnic thing with the girls. We pick up take out and go to a park and eat lunch while they play. We did a ton of stuff around the house and got the guest room ready for my brother, Robbie, who was coming to visit on Sunday.

Sunday was Mr. M's day, and he wanted to get Rubio's again and eat at the park. We thought it would be fun to take the van to the automatic carwash (the kind where you sit in the car and go through the wash). He doesn't ever take the cars there because it's hard on the cars - but we thought it would be fun for the girls. Well, Paprika LOVED it. Ginger was scared. And Baby Violet was probably traumatized by it. She did NOT like it one little bit. ;-)

But, Paprika loved it so much that Mr. M took her back with our other car later (just the two of them) and she had the best time riding through the car wash a second time. It had been about 8 months since the cars were washed (!!!!) so it was HIGH time.

Then we went and picked up my brother at the airport, now he is here. The girls are loving their Uncle Robbie. They think he is SO OLD (he is 17!) I think they just think he is old because he is very tall. To them, tall means old. Haha.

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1 comment:

Mimi said...

I just LOVE that first photo of Violet kicking her legs in the air, it's adorable!
Brings back happy memories of mine when they were little.
You're fantastic to cope so well with the park incident, as well as being sick that day. I think I would have just crawled back to bed and asked the cleaning lady to look after the little ones!!
Erika, you're a fantastic mother!