Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There She Goes!


Someone said to me the other day that her son "turned a corner" at age 3. All that crazy toddler energy and overwhelming behavior kind of subsided, and basically, he grew up.

I think we are there now with Ginger. Just like that, almost overnight, she has gone from being a toddler to being a kid. When did it happen? Yesterday? Last week? I don't know. But the change is here.

Like many moms, I find the ages between one and three exhausting. Really trying and overwhelming, and at times quite stressful. The terrible twos are called that for a reason! ;-)

But now, sitting at the precipice of three, I am sad those years are behind us. Bittersweet is maybe a better word. I am excited about what is to come, for sure. But this week (especially), I am teary over saying goodbye to Ginger's babyhood.


All of a sudden, she wants to do everything herself. She can get her breakfast in the morning. She can play Starfall on the computer by herself. She can put on her own shoes. She can brush her hair and get dressed. She holds my hand when we're walking (not always, but sometimes). She listens to directions mostly.

I can have real conversations with her. She can clean up her own plate after dinner. She can wait patiently when she needs to. She can play independently. She can run with the big kids.

These are all good things, I know. I just miss all the little stuff, too. Just the other day, she was a teeny baby in my arms and now she's a "big girl" (her words). I am so glad I get to watch her grow up, I just wish it didn't hurt so much!

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Devon said...

It seems like yesterday she was born....I just can't believe she is almost 3 and then Peighton will be 3. Yikes!

Mimi said...

Oh Erika, it's hard!
I could feel it as I read all the things she can do by herself, it's a letting go and that is hard.
I think it's even harder because of what you've been through, transitions will probably always remind you of what you've lost.
Ginger is gorgeous in these photos.She's sooo like Paprika in the one of her sleeping.
Take it easy. ((hugs))