Sunday, June 3, 2012

Locals Only!


We've had a laid-back weekend this weekend. Mr. M unexpectedly had the day off work on Friday, so that was our family day. We just did errands in the morning, then went on a mini-date for dinner (we took the kids to the gym daycare and ate in the cafe - free babysitting!) :-)

He had to go back up to Santa Barbara early yesterday and work the rest of the weekend (this should be his last weekend he has to work for awhile - fingers crossed). Anyway, so that meant it was just me and the girls holding down the fort here at the beach shack.

Yesterday Paprika had swim lessons and she swam TEN laps freestyle. She is so ready for swim team it isn't funny. Ginger, on the other hand, told me yesterday that she wants to wait until she is four years old to do swim lessons. Uh-oh. Good thing she changes her mind every five seconds, since she is starting swim lessons in three weeks!


Today we went to a park near our house and it was packed! One thing about the summer and weekends now that we live by the beach is that everyone comes from inland to be here. I am seriously becoming one of those "Locals Only" people. Haha!

We got to the park and after 10 minutes, I was like, "Girls, let's go to our secret park!" (the one in our neighborhood no one knows about). Part of it is that whenever we're out and about, I have to nurse Violet. So, being at a super-crowded park with a bunch of touristas is stressful - I have to be extra vigilant looking after the big girls, plus juggle Violet, plus try to be modest. It's so not fun for me! It makes me just want to go home and say to the girls, "Have fun in the backyard!"

I feel bad because the girls want to go to the big park and see the ducks and turtles, and play on the BIG playground. So, we did it. For 15 minutes. Sometimes I wonder who really has the sensory issues in our or Paprika? It's pretty obvious that my sensory issues are much worse than hers! Haha.

So, anyway- it's just been a low-key weekend all around. It's going to be so weird when Mr. M is home on the weekends (hopefully for the rest of the summer). I am really looking forward to it, and I know the girls are, too.


This next photo pretty much captures one of my two favorite parts of the day - whenever Paprika wakes up in the morning, she comes in my room to snuggle baby Violet. I think it's Paprika's favorite part of the day, too. :-)

My other favorite part of the day is at bedtime, when Ginger falls asleep in my bed while I'm holding Violet. (We take Ginger to her room after she's fallen asleep). It is the sweetest thing. Some days, I end up with all three girls in my bed in the morning. I just wish I could bottle up these moments and make them last forever...


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Mimi said...

Beautiful moments to treasure!
I'm glad Mr M will be home for the summer, you probably could do with an extra hand on deck. It is seriously stressful bringing 3 kids to the park, keeping an eye on them, and then trying to nurse a baby too! You're fantastic, I could not do that!