Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Days of Summer!


It's already Thursday and I am just now getting around to talking about last weekend and the end of Robbie's visit with us. Whew - that's summer for ya!

Last weekend we had a full house. We had a doggie slumber party for Daisy (translation: we watched our friend's dog overnight). The dogs had soooo much fun together. They were both smiling their dog smiles the whole visit. The other dog was a boy and wasn't fixed (Daisy IS fixed...thank goodness!) The boy doggie spent most of the time trying to mount Daisy, but she was just so happy to have a friend to play with she didn't seem to mind. They had their run of the backyard and played non-stop for about 8 hours the first day. Then, they slept hard inside overnight. The next morning, they got up early and wanted to go out and play again - they were both so happy. It almost made me want to get Daisy a permanent playmate - but hey, I'm not that crazy! A new baby and a puppy all in one year was enough for me for a long time. Haha.

Friday night we ordered in Thai food from our favorite place - it was Robbie's first time having it, and I think he liked it! I know I liked it! :-)

On Saturday, we had plans to go to The Grove to the American Girl doll store for Ginger's birthday present. She had been talking about wanting a little doll like Paprika's (a Bitty Twin). I had promised her we could take her on Saturday and get Ginger her very own doll. But when Saturday rolled around, neither Paprika nor Ginger wanted to go to the dollie store! What?! I wasn't going to talk them into a trip to go buy an overpriced doll...that just seemed kinda silly.

So, we decided last minute on a Plan B. We are members at the Aquarium of The Pacific, so we decided to all go there. Robbie had never been and he was excited to go. I forgot how crowded it is on the weekends (I seem to forget this about once every year!) - so we hopped in the car and went.


The Aquarium was packed with people. It was overwhelming, especially with small kids, so we decided to split up. Mr. M took Ginger. I took Paprika and baby Violet. And Robbie explored on his own. I think we all went into survival mode. Haha.

Even a packed day at the Aquarim is fun, though. Paprika was having the best time playing with the sea lion. He was following her everywhere she went. It was so cute!


After about 20 minutes, I opted to take Paprika and Violet OUT of the Aquarium. The Aquarium is right on the Long Beach Harbor, so we just went outside and looked at boats and Paprika played on the rocks on the shore. It was so much more peaceful and enjoyable.


The rest of the weekend involved several trips to the park - one trip to the big park near us and a few more to our little neighborhood park.

Paprika and Ginger both made some friends on one visit, and we might be doing playdates in the future with those kids.


The girls' favorite game is still hide and go seek. Robbie played that A LOT with them. He is a good sport. Here is a fort they made using a towel over the picnic table. It was a fun hiding spot for them:


Ginger counting with her eyes covered up:


And the girls discovering Robbie in his hiding spot. They thought this one was sooo funny:


Mr. M and I also got to go on a quick date Saturday and Sunday night- we popped in a movie for the big girls while Robbie babysat...and we took Violet with us. We took Violet down to the beach and had a little walk with her at sunset. They were perfect mini-dates (just like an hour or so) - and that was super refreshing.

And...that was the weekend! Now of course, it's almost Friday! Now that Mr. M is home on the weekends (not working), I look forward to them so much. I am glad that tomorrow is the start of a new one! It has been such a busy week - I am ready!

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Mimi said...

I did not recognise Paprika in that first pic...she has gotten soooo grown up. She is very beautiful!
Lol re the hide and go seek, so cute!

Devon said...

yea! so glad Mr. M is home for the weekends :)

let's go out soon! I miss you tremendously!!!

and riley told me yesterday that its been FOREVER since she saw paprika!