Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello Heaven...

annika-jesus picture1

Jesus Is Born, By Paprika (age 5)

Paprika (age 5) is very interested in Jesus, and wants to know all about Him. She has a little Children's Bible that my dad and Nana Nancy gave to her, and she reads it and loves looking at the pictures.

One day, I came down to the computer, and she was drawing all these pictures in Microsoft Paint...all on her own, no help from me even turning on the computer!

The picture above she saved at a super low resolution, but I still think you can tell what it is. It's a nativity scene- but Paprika didn't call it that. She calls it: Jesus Is Born.

This next picture is called: Mary Holding Jesus

mary holding jesus1

Here is: Jesus In Heaven, When He Is Still An Angel

jesus-in-heaven-when he is still an angel

And: Jesus In the Cradle


This one is called: Vivian and Annemarie


And her final picture she drew that evening? This one is inspired by The Lion King movie.

It is called Princess of Africa:


Kinda makes me want to sing, The Circle of Life!

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