Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Best Laid Plans!


Well, there goes my big plans for the summer! The pool requires kids to be three years old to start swim lessons, and as luck would have it, Ginger turned three the week before summer session.

So, I signed her and Paprika both up for lessons all summer long (4 days/week!) The first day of lessons, Ginger was soooo excited. She was dancing, singing about how she's three now so she gets to go to swimming lessons. Paprika was patiently explaining to her how wonderful it would be, and telling her all about the great parts of swimming.

Then we got to the pool, and they called everyone into the pool. I guess Ginger thought I would be swimming with her, because as soon as the teacher came over to her, she hid and started crying. She was NOT going in that water.

I didn't want to force her (obviously) - and it quickly became clear that she is still just too young. Most of the other kids are ages 4 or 5 - she was by far the youngest and the smallest. So, we can wait a year. No rush.

But MAN - I was sooooo excited about the prospect of them both swimming this summer. Now I have to occupy Violet AND Ginger every day during lessons! No rest for me!


On Monday, Uncle Robbie was here and helped me with Violet while Ginger was having her meltdown. Thank goodness!

That afternoon, I called the pool to get a refund for TEN weeks worth of Ginger's lessons, but because there was a refund fee, I opted to just roll that money over into more lessons for Paprika.

So now for a few weeks, Paprika will have a private swim lesson before her group lesson. She really can't get enough! The pool has open swim on the weekends, so I will probably take Ginger to the pool then and swim with her to get her more comfortable with the water.

In the meantime, I am looking for an activity for Ginger to do that she wants to do! Truthfully, she just wants to hang out wherever we are, play in the backyard, and go for adventures in the car. She has no desire for school (yet) and basically just wants to enjoy being three. And I am inclined to let her do just that! There will be time for lessons and preschool when she's ready - which right now, she's telling me she's NOT! Haha.

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scm said...

I started my daughter in ballet at the Y when she was 3! She wasn't ready for 'by herself' swim lessons then either. And it even took her, oooh, about 3 months to warm up to the ballet.. we just kept going and sitting there/watching, going and sitting there/watching, just to get her to acclimate. And one day she just went for it and loved it from then on. Just an idea!

RB said...

We had the EXACT same thing with Julia. She loves the water, hates the lessons, so we pulled her out. 4 must be the age that works best for these two little ladies. sorry you don't get a much deserved rest by having them both swimming. you rock mama!

RB said...

we had the same situation with Julia and I pulled her as well...oh these tough lil' ladies. I wished we lived in the same city, I would come with you to lessons and Ginger and Julia could play.

Mimi said...

Aw, pity she didn't want to do it, but you know, if you just play cool, she will eventually pick her own time. You're great to just go with her (I know there's not much else you can do, but you're still great!).
Sounds like Ginger just wants to hang out with you and Voilet and be still a little one, not a big one!

Devon said...

This post made me laugh!

Peighton started swim lessons too and she cries for the first minute but then she loves it...ok, well she doesn't LOVE it but she tolerates it. Ha!