Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Reunion!


Mr. M is home this weekend- first weekend he hasn't been working in months and months. He was home both days! I barely knew what to do with myself having him around. Haha.

On Friday, Paprika had a birthday party to attend at the bounce house place (again). One of my friends who has a child Paprika's age (who was also going) offered to take the girls, and then I would pick them up. Ginger (age 2) wasn't invited to the party, so I figured it was better to spare her the drop-off, since I knew she'd want to go inside.

So, I stayed home and about an hour before I was due to pick the girls up at the party, Ginger fell asleep in the middle of the family room floor - face down on the carpet. She woke up with a raging fever, so thankfully my friend went and got the girls. Ginger was a hot mess all night, and then fell asleep in my bed, only to wake up every 45 minutes or so in a feverish stupor. Mr. M went and got some rest in the guest bedroom - so I was in bed with Violet and Ginger, and then Ginger started throwing up all over the bed. What a start to the weekend!!!

But, by Saturday afternoon, she was back to her old fever, nada. She was really wanting to get out, so we went to the beach and the little aquarium. It was like she'd never even been sick.

Paprika wanted to swim in the water (the waves were HUGE so she stayed close to shore)- but Ginger just wanted to go on the pier and go to the aquarium at the end of it. So, Mr. M took Ginger and I stayed with Paprika and Baby Violet until we all met up later. It was nice to have two adults around - if I'd been by myself, that would have been a lot harder to manage!


Baby Violet turned 7 months old on Saturday - good thing I finally got around to taking her 6 month pics last Thursday. Haha. She had a great time at the beach. I can tell she really is frustrated, wanting to do everything her sisters can do. She is starting to talk (just saying mama and dada), and almost crawling. I know my time when she's this snuggly is limited, so I am enjoying every second of it!


We did a lot of just hanging around the house this weekend. Mr. M is selling a bunch of old electronics on Ebay, so we took photos of all that stuff. We also played a lot of legos, spent some in the backyard, just hanging out and bouncing on the trampoline, and playing with Daisy.


My favorite part of the weekend was that both days we picked up lunch at Rubio's and took it to the park and had picnics both days while the girls played. The weather was sooo nice, we didn't feel like sitting inside a restaurant and trying to keep everyone contained and entertained.


The park/playground seemed like a great option- we got to eat, the girls ate and played, and then repeated the cycle a few more times. One day we went to our local pocket park and had the whole place to ourselves. The next time we went to Paprika's school and the girls played on the Kindergarten playground while we ate at the picnic tables.

It's been a simple kind of weekend. I am really glad Mr. M is around, and we are just enjoying being together as a family. One week left until Ginger turns 3! I am going to enjoy my last week of my baby being two years old. :-)


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Sandra said...

Love your family shot at the beginning of this post :) You all look so happy!