Friday, September 30, 2011

Think Of A Happy Thought!


Yesterday was a hard day. My mom got on a plane back to Indiana after spending two weeks with us! I dropped her off at the airport and cried the whole way home. The last time I saw my mom was last October at my Grandpa's funeral. And, I realize that the next time I see her might not be for another year or more.

On top of that, it's just been one thing after another. Little things that feel like they are pecking me to death - Daisy has fleas, the house has termites, we went van shopping...just stuff like that.

Oh yes, van shopping. Two days of torture (I was soooo grateful my mom was here to watch the girls while we embarked on that little adventure). It was definitely a wild goose chase, and might have involved the russ.ian ma.fia. I am not sure about that one...but needless to say, it was an adventure. And deserves its own post! (P.S. after all that, we don't have a van yet!)

Anyhoo- needless to say, yesterday we were all feeling a little down. But, then it was as if all the stars aligned and said to us..."Why don't you just go to Disneyland? You'll feel better!"


So, we did!

Paprika had the day off school for no explicable reason (teacher in service day). Mr. M had the day and night off work! Paprika didn't have swimming lessons or anything else scheduled. And our season passes are still valid! So, we threw the girls in the car and off we went!

The only snafu was me being about 34 weeks pregnant! I was thinking I might rent a scooter while we were at the park (like I did when I was pregnant with Ginger!), but then I decided not to (my cheap side won out)...and then I regretted that decision about an hour later. Ha!

But I was too far in the park to go back and rent a scooter, so I just kind of glided myself from ride to park bench for the rest of the day!


Ginger hung out with me while Paprika and Mr. M did the big kid rides, like the roller coaster!


We had fun just goofing around together by the fountains and people watching...


The Buzz Lightyear ride was a highlight. Mr. M scored so high on this ride that he maxed out the high score...




I, on the other hand, am convinced my scoreboard was broken because even though I tried really hard, Paprika still beat me by a few thousand points. I think even Ginger scored higher than me! Ha!

Being at the park was so fun, and it's hard not to feel happy and upbeat when you've got two of the happiest girls ever smiling back at you. By the middle of the day, we were all feeling better!


Paprika even braved a visit with Mickey Mouse - this was the first time she asked to meet him. I think all of our other Mickey Mouse encounters have ended in big this was a small milestone for our growing up girl!


We stayed until the park closed. That's the way we do it! :-)



THAT'S Interesting said...

Erika, I have been thinking about you these past couple days. Sorry for all the different stresses going on right now. I am glad you could take a break and enjoy a day with your sweet girls and husband. Emily

Todd and Courtney said...

Ive been reading your blog for quite a while! Im private now on mine but still keep up. I had to comment because of you mentioning Daisy having fleas. Oh my goodness, our little shih tzu has them now too. It's been awful. Our pest control service said they've treated over 1,000 homes and businesses, even people without pets, because the flea problem is so bad. :( Ours are almost gone but our house has been treated 2 times (coming again next Fri), and we've switched topical treatment to Advantix. Hopefully yours goes away soon!