Monday, September 12, 2011

31 Weeks!


I am in the 31st week of pregnancy! I think I've been saying for a month that I'm 8 months pregnant (because that's what I feel like!)- but it occured to me today when I checked how many weeks I am, that 31 weeks is not quite 8 months! That is pregnancy brain for ya!

So, I am basically in my last week of being 7 months pregnant, right? I have been so sick with a terrible cold, and I could not take anything for it. I feel like I am rounding a corner, but am still not 100%! I have been really careful not to take anything that would affect the baby, even though there were days when she was pushing up my congested lungs so far into my throat that I could not breathe hardly at all!

I've gained about 40 pounds (!) and still have two months left to go. I have been working on cutting back on the sugar. I was drinking iced tea with sugar, but I gave it up last week when I was sick. I am sticking to water now...very cold ice water! I would prefer not to gain 20 more pounds in the next two months, but if it be it!

My big symptoms are that I am exhuasted and so tired, and of course, bending down to pick up the girls' toys has become quite the trick!

We are 90% set on her name, although I think we're still going back and forth about it. She is a big kicker and lets me know she's in there...which I love. I used a doppler in the early part of pregnancy (just a little bit, not too much) to let me hear her heartbeat. But now, I just have to lay back and I feel her kick, which is really nice and comforting.

Devon's first baby was born at 29 weeks, and her fourth baby was born at 30 weeks (almost 31 weeks)- and her girls are amazing. I know it's never good to have your baby born this early, but knowing Devon's girls gives me so much hope that if Pavenzia was born today, she would be okay. It also makes me more excited to meet her and find out who she is going to be!

Every day, Paprika and Ginger ask about Pavenzia. Today when we got home from school, Paprika asked, "Is Pavenzia inside the house taking a nap?"! Haha! Paprika is always drawing pictures of her, and asking about where she is going to sleep and where she is going to sit in the car (stuff like that). Paprika does not understand the concept of jealousy, and I have no doubt that she is going to be an awesome big sister, once again!

Speaking of where Pavenzia is going to sit in the car...I did buy new carseats (the Sunshine Radian Kids ones) because our Britax Marathons were too wide to fit three across in the backseat. The Sunshine Radians were advertised as fitting three across in the backseat of most any car, no problem. I read all the forums, measured the backseats, and everything.

Well, let me tell you, they do not fit! At all! I had really hoped to keep our regular cars (we have a mid-sized sedan and a little station wagon), but that's just not going to happen. So, now we are on the look-out for a minivan. Tick tock! I have a little bit of apprehension about buying a minivan before Pavenzia is born because we sold my old car (the one I'd had since college) a week before Vivian and Annemarie passed away - and we were just about to buy a minivan that week. So, I don't know. I guess I have a hang-up about it a little.

Ginger loves talking about Pavenzia and says things like, "I love Pavenzia and Pavenzia loves me!" If you ask her where Pavenzia is, she will point to my tummy and say "There's Pavenzia!" :-) I think Ginger will follow Paprika's lead and be very welcoming of the baby. I'm excited to see Ginger as a big sister...I think she will love it!

So, just about 8 weeks left now. I am doubting that I will go to my due date - I am thinking Halloween or early November, if history repeats itself! :-) I am getting so excited, and am just happy to be at this place in the pregnancy...and I am not taking a moment of it for granted!


Devon said...

yea for a minivan -- you need it!! :)

and not that it *really* matters but sweet pea was born at 31w2d so you got yourself a little peighton in there! :)

you look gorgeous mama - keep it up!

siri said...

I can't remember...did you go early with G & P? I'm thinking early November :)

Stunningly Sweet said...

First of all love our minivan (never ever thought I would have a minivan) I definitely recommend power sliding doors, they are a lifesaver with my 21 month old and 5 month old! Also love our Sunshine Radian and haven't seen any slimmer or with better rear-facing specs!

Sheila said...

Congratulations on this milestone! So very happy for you all.

Minivans are a Mom's best friend.
All minivans are not created equal.
Bring your tape measure and I highly recommend the dual sliding doors.
I also recommend you climb in and out of them for ease of use,storage and comfort.
Recently sat in a VW van. The seats were soooo comfortable. I've also heard that they are about to do a reissue of the VW bus. Nostalia flashback, hope they do it right.

Take care and have fun shopping.

ferfischer said...

You look great! And we didn't get a minivan until I was over 37 weeks with the twins, a hangup too. But, you can always either not drive or drive two cars around for a while - it will work out somehow - it always does!