Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live From Hollywood!

Since my mom has been visiting, I have been such an absent photographer and a sporadic blogger! Life has just been whizzing by, and I find so often that I miss those opportunities to reach for the camera because we have been that busy!

Tonight I took my mom to a taping of Dancing With The Stars. Well, I didn't go exactly...the only sitter I could get couldn't be here until 4, and you have to be at the show by 3:30...so we did the next best thing.

I dropped my mom off at the show, and then I took the girls to The Grove (the fancy mall next door) and let them tear apart The American Girl doll store and Pottery Barn Kids store while we waited! Ha!

My mom had a great time at the show, and had an amazing seat. I have been to the show a few times before ;-) so I didn't mind hanging out with the girls until it was done taping.

The minimum age for audience members is 10 years old- so before long, I know I'll be dragging the girls to tapings with me! :-) Mr. M finished up the show and met up with us over at The Grove.

I brought my big camera (the Canon 7D with the honkin' 24-70L lens)- but when it came time to push the double stroller and carry the camera, I threw the camera back into the car because it was too heavy. Then, everywhere we went, I kept regretting not having my camera with me. C'est la vie.


Yesterday, we went to the beach while Paprika was at school. I took my mom last week, but it was a little gray. She wanted to get her feet wet this time, so we did!

Here I am in my 33 week glory! :-)


Ginger did not want to walk in the sand, and insisted on either being carried by me or sitting on my lap the whole time. She is my 30 pound sack of potatoes, but a little snugglier than a sack of potatoes, I think!


On Sunday, my mom and I took the girls to Hollywood to my mom's favorite yoga studio where she knows everyone there. I don't think it would be a trip to LA for her without visiting this place. Anyhoo- I took prenatal yoga there for Paprika and the twins...and I took yoga there with my mom before I was pregnant. So, I've been going to this place about 11 years, and it is just crawling with celebrities (not bragging, just a fact).


The yoga studio just moved to a new location, so my mom wanted to check it out. We got there, and it turns out that they moved the cafe to the front of the studio. We opened the door to go inside, but it smelled like yoga (you know, that mixture of incense, patchouli, and a yoga mat). Well, Paprika would not go inside because the smell was just way too overwhelming for her.


There were these two semi-famous Hollywood actresses seated at the table by the front door, and they kept trying to get Paprika to go inside. After much coaxing on their part, it basically ended with Paprika running inside and putting her dress over her nose, exclaiming (loudly), "It smells in here!" To which the actress said, "No, it doesn't smell! It does NOT smell!" At which point Paprika looked at her like she was 10 kinds of crazy and said, "It does smell. Blech!" And then Paprika ran into the parking lot screaming.

What can I say, we always make such a nice impression wherever we go! Ha!



Sheila said...

Baby Love is really growing. I LOVE that big belly ;)

I think Ginger favors her Granny.
Love the photo of them together.

Paprika's pig tails are pink perfection! I agree with her, yoga studios do often smell of patchouli. The only thing worse than that is when someone rips a vegetarian fart.

Time is going by so fast... enjoy your Mom's visit. You look fabulous!

Faith Jones said...

Hi Erika - I always love your photos and stories! I had to tell you (being obsessed with fabric and a quilter ;)) that fabric with the bikes is SUPER popular and hard to find. When your girls outgrow it, be sure to list it on eBay with "Heather Ross" as the fabric designer and you are sure to make some $$. :)

Also, we went to a local German restaurant a week ago, and my 4 year old made the same "IT SMELLS IN HERE!" the moment we walked it. The things they say... LOL


Erika said...

Faith- I got that whole outfit for $4 plus $6 shipping on Ebay. LOL! it was SUCH a score! of course, i have also gotten some NOT so great deals in the past- so it all evens out, i am sure! haha. i will definitely follow your advice when i sell it- i had no idea!!!

Faith Jones said...

No way!! You should really score when you are done with it - check out the prince on Etsy for the fabric. (FYI, a fat quarter of fabric is a piece that is 18" x 22")


Heather Ross is a really awesome artist and designer.